A.Arhda, F.Rigollot, S.Nhek, Z.Huseyn-zada


Light and gravity. What an eccentric and yet perfect union, forebears of a young, still growing child, Architecture [1].

What better manifesto to this growing art than verticality, a thin and infinite line. Bridge between sun and earth, light and gravity [2].

So it is here where she resides... Rising endlessly. A tower, a cult. Its’ disciples gathering and working gradually to complete the Temple for this noble art. I heard that the tower converts solar energy into potential energy by lifting platforms through steam engines. Their height and weight thus serve as habitable batteries : What an odd spectacle, the fields of mirrors capture the sun’s light and ignite a fascinating dance. That’s students’ creations waltzing to the rhythm of the seasons [3].

Strange ritual, though. I’m happy to witness this rare event, where new pavilions are made. Materialized from the minds of the students. Here their dreams are printed [4].

This can only be explained by the powerful idea that learning had to do with pure experience, and can only be fulfilled through the practice of space [5].

The excitement when a new pavilion is dried. When you first walk in the empty space, filled with a peaceful silence and the distinct smell of fresh clay. This one took a week to dry, I suppose it’s the new studio [6].

Outside there is movement. You can almost hear the melodious slow clicks of the platforms along the notched poles [7].

This eternal dance allowed peaceful independent worlds to emerge. Places to meditate, teach and learn [8].

Among those close yet separate worlds, Architecture could finally meet its disciples [9].